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Anmol Multispeciality Clinic/Medicines / Pathology / Dental Clinic

Memorandom of Understanding -

1. Each slot consists of 2.45 hours from morning 9 am upto evening 9 pm.
Slots will be as follows
a) 9 am to 11.45 am
b) 12 noon to 2.45 PM
c) 3 PM to 5.45 PM
d) 6 Pm to 8.45 PM

Doctor will have to pay 3000 Rs for each slot from Monday to Friday for a calendar month (i.e. 1st day of month upto last day of month)

2. One doctor can purchase more than slot if required and available to purchase
3. As we all understand - only available slot can be given
4. Slot amount needs to be paid at the start of every month in the form of cheque
5. 12 month compulsory slot booking , please no bargain for number of months
6. If you do not visit for any reason, we will not refund the cheques or amount
7. If patients dont turn up - Please dont blame us, as it is impossible for us to manage the patients and do the marketing in this package
8. Please feel free to do your marketing (online / offline / manual )
9. Feel free to purchase any online marketing tool like JustDial , Google, Practo.com etc
10. No Reception person will be available in above rate
11. nobody from us will manage the appointments in above defined amount, it is only for place and the inclusions mentioned below
12. We are looking for Win win situation for long term - hope you understand
13. One formal agreement will be executed between Administration department and Doctor, we will mention all the
terms for the sake of understanding and clarity
14. We may help you more than what we have mentioned but can not commit and then back out hence we have decided to not give anything which will increase our overhead and responsibility
15. If on any day or week , lets say any doctor is not coming, we have authority to allot that slot to any other doctor on that day and you will not raise any objection, so basically if you come, its your slot, if not, its management who will take decision regarding that slot on that particular day

Inclusions in the plan -

1. Furtnitures from us (Doctor chair / Doctor Table / Patient sitting table / Examination bed / Drawer)
2. Electricity bill (Doctor no need to pay the bill)
3. Patient waiting / Sitting area and chairs / tables
4. One Seperate / Dedicated Drawer With key
5. Person will be available for only opening and closing the shop shutter
6. Wash basin is available on ground and mazenine floor
7. Very nice washroom is also available on every floor of the building

Exlcusions in the plan -

1. Your medicines (if any)
2. Any Reception person will not be provided (because of budget issue)
3. No intercom as of now (if we install it in future, we will discuss on that)
4. Please dont expect any patients from us as it is out of our scope, we will only provide the infra structure
5. Any kind of marketing (online / offline / manual) is not included in this package
6. Drinking water is not there (as of now at least) , in future if there is anything, we will co-operate

Compulsion / Co-operation expected from Doctor -

1. In case Lab sample facility required , please use the pathology lab person / facility provided by us, you will get the amount from that person also
2. Please co-operate with our Medicine store vendor if required so that we all can work as a team
3. Please respect your pre-defined In and Out time and co-operate to next doctor
4. Doctor needs to provide us 12 cheques in advance with date mentioned on it
5. We are not asking any deposit from any doctor as of now
6. Above plan is for monday to Friday only, please dont request to include the same plan for weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

For any queries- 9860817217